Crystal Types

Crystal TypeParticlesAttractive ForcesPropertiesExamples
IonicPositive and Negative ionsElectrostaitic attractionsHigh m.p., hard, brittle, good electrical conductor when meltedNaCl, BaO, KNO3
Polar, MolecularPolar MoleculesDipole-dipole (possible hydrogen bonds)Low m.p., Soft, Nonconductor of electricity, larger separation between m.p. and b.p.H2O, BrCl, SO2
Nonpolar, MolecularNonpolar MoleculesLondon dispersion forcesVery low m.p., Very Soft, Nonconductor of electricity, Smaller separation between m.p. and b.p.H2, Cl2, CH4
Covalent (Network)AtomsCovalent bondsVery high m.p., Very Hard, Nonconductor of electricityDiamond, SiO2, SiC, AlN
MetallicAtoms with mobile electronsMetallic bondsGenerally fairly high m.p., Hard or soft, Malleable and ductile, Good conductor of electricityAg, Cu, Na, Fe