Environmental Questions and Paper from Chapter 18

This assignment will have two parts. The first part is to write some questions about environmental issues from Chapter 18 of your text. The second is to write a paper about one of the environmental concerns. Your overall grade for the lab assignment will be the average of the two parts. Both are explained in more detail below.

Questions from Chapter 18

Write questions that can be answered by studying Chapter 18 of the text. One example might be: "At what non-zero altitude is the temperature the greatest?" The questions can be as specific or as general as you wish, but they should be able to be answered directly from Chapter 18 of the text. Your grade for this will be determined as follows:

Writing a Short Paper About an Environmental Concern

After writing the questions from Chapter 18 you should identify one environmental concern and write a short paper (not more than 3 pages) about that concern. These papers can be written in three general ways, each receiving a different grade. You should identify which grade you are going for at the top of the paper when you submit it.