Research Homework

For most research homework the assignment will be to find two activities (each from a different online website, book, journal, etc.) that are related to the topic being investigated and evaluate the activity in terms of the inquiry learning cycle. We will call it an inquiry activity if it has all of the phases of the inquiry learning cycle. You should state if the activity, as written, would be considered an inquiry activity according to our definition and explain why or why not. Be sure to address all three phases of the inquiry learning cycle.

Write out your assignment in a word processor and then copy and paste it into the form that will appear after you submit your username and the topic of the research (e.g. Electricity Research, Density Research, etc.). This will log you on to the site, you do not have be logged on already (but it is okay if you are). Give a reference for each activity and be sure it is clear where the discussion of one activity ends and the discussion of the other activity begins.