Research Homework

For most research homework the assignment will be to find two activities (each from a different online website, book, journal, etc.) that are related to the topic being investigated and evaluate the activity in terms of the inquiry learning cycle. We would call it an inquiry activity if it has all of the phases of the inquiry learning cycle. You should state if the activities, as written, would be considered inquiry activities according to our definition and explain why or why not. Providing the following for each activity may help you to determine if it is an inquiry activity:

  1. Reference the activity so the instructor could find it.
  2. Provide details about the activity as related to the inquiry learning cycle
    1. Is there a launch? Does the activity have an exploration phase? If so, what is it? Are questions being developed during this phase? If so, what are they? Was a specific question identified for experimentation?
    2. Is there an experimentation and data collection phase? If so, describe and evaluate it.
    3. Is there a result? Is the idea of uncertainty in the result addressed?
    4. Does the activity have students try to make connections between the data and the results? Are the results compared to well-established science content?
    5. Is there another kind of "reflective" phase to the activity? If so, describe and evaluate it.
  3. How much and what kind of structure was given for this activity?
  4. Give a general recommendation for or against the activity in terms of its ability to help someone learn the concept that is being investigated.

Write out your assignment for each activity in a word processor and then copy and paste it into the form that will appear after you submit your username and the article number (e.g. Electricity #1, Electricity #2, etc.). This will log you on to the site, you do not have be logged on already (but it is okay if you are).