New Hampshire Curriculum Framework and Performance Tasks

The NH Curriculum Frameworks (previously called Standards) identify the Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) for different disciplines and grade levels. We will be looking at the Physical Science Curriculum Framework and the Science Process Skills Curriculum Framework.

The Physical Science Curriculum Framework identifies specific GLEs that are connected to the Science Process Skills. These are identified with a dark box around the GLE in the Physical Science Curriculum Framework. It is suggested that you use one of these boxed GLEs to focus on when you do your final project.

The state of New Hampshire has begun to assess the science process skills in K-8 by using Performance Tasks. These assessment tools have the students perform a short experiment and then report on what they have done. We will work through one of these performance tasks in class and you will be asked to choose a different one of these performance tasks and work through it during class. I have collected some of these and you can use this list, but you can also use other performance tasks that you find from internet searches, etc.

Question: Where do performance tasks fit in the Inquiry Learning Cycle that we have been using?

Note: New standards are being developed and are now available for veiwing. They have not yet been adopted, but if you would like, you can use these new "Next Generation Science Standards" as the basis for these assignments.