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Welcome to the Performance Tasks Page!

Most of the documents obtained from this page are in Microsoft Word format. There are a few PDF documents. This was prepared by Sue Rowse and Kathleen Karvelas.

Density Bouyancy 5-8 Admin.doc
Density Bouyancy 5-8.doc
Density of a Sinker 5-8 Admin.doc
Density of a Sinker 5-8.doc
Density of Aluminum Boats 5-8 admin.doc
Density of Aluminum Boats 5-8.doc
Density of Minerals 5-8 Admin.doc
Density of Minerals 5-8.doc
Floating Pencil k-4 Admin.doc
Floating Pencil k-4.doc
Rising Waters k-4 Admin.doc
Rising Waters k-4.doc
Rocky Pond 5-8 Admin.pdf
Rocky Pond 5-8.doc
Scuba Dive 5-8 Admin.pdf
Scuba Dive 5-8.pdf
Unknown Liquids 5-8 Admin.doc
Unknown Liquids 5-8.doc
Electricity and Magnets
Electrical Circuits and Switches 5-8 Admin.doc
Electrical Circuits and Switches 5-8.doc
Electricity and Magnetism k-4 Admin.doc
Electricity and Magnetism k-4.doc
Magnetic Testing k-4 Admin.doc
Magnetic Testing k-4.doc
Magnets 5-8 Admin.doc
Magnets 5-8.doc
Mystery Card 1 k-4.doc
Mystery Card 1 k-4 Admin.doc
Mystery Card 2 k-4.doc
Mystery Card 2 k-4 Admin.doc
Mystery Card 3 k-4.doc
Mystery Card 3 k-4 Admin.doc
Force and Motion
Height of Bounce 5-8 Admin.doc
Height of Bounce 5-8.doc
Balls and Ramp k-4 Admin.doc
Balls and Ramp k-4.doc
Changing Ramp Heights 5-8 Admin.doc
Changing Ramp Heights 5-8.doc
Friction 5-8 Admin.doc
Friction 5-8.doc
Halfball 5-8 Admin.doc
Halfball 5-8.doc
Incline k-4.doc
More Power to You 5-8 Admin.doc
More Power to You 5-8.doc
Rolling Down Hill 5-8 Admin.doc
Rolling Down Hill 5-8.doc
Up the Hill Admin.doc
Up the Hill.pdf
Velocity 5-8 Admin.doc
Velocity 5-8.doc
Where the Rubber Meets the Road 5-8 Admin.doc
Where the Rubber Meets the Road 5-8.doc
Pendulum1 5-8 Admin.doc
Pendulum1 5-8.doc
Pendulum 2 5-8.doc
Pendulums2 5-8 Admin.doc
Swinging k-4 Admin.doc
Swinging k-4.doc
Swings k-4 Admin.doc
Swings k-4.doc
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