Final Project

The final project is to develop and carry out a new investigation that includes all of the components of our inquiry learning cycle. The following items will be required on paper as scheduled in the course schedule.

  1. The topic to be investigated and a list of potential materials that will be needed to carry out the investigation.
    1. You can use the GLEs from the physical science curriculum framework that are identified with the process skills (those are boxed) to guide your choice of topic.
    2. The topic could be connected to an expanded science inquiry task. See NECAP Science Inquiry Tasks at or the condensed versions at
    3. A couple of points to keep in mind: Consider how you could get a student to come up with a question to explore. What could the exploration activity actually be? What are some possible questions that the students might come up with? How difficult will the experimentation phase be to develop? How will the learning be assessed? Could you develop an assessment activity similar to a NECAP performance task as an assessment tool?
  2. A class period will be devoted to developing and handing in the following:
    1. At least two initial launch activities.
    2. At least two exploratory activities.
    3. At least three questions that could guide experimentation.
    The next class period a write-up, with directions that someone else could follow, should be handed in with the launch, a possible exploration activity corresponding to that launch, and at least two questions that could come from the exploration. Also, if necessary, provide a revised list of materials that will be needed to carry out the investigation.
  3. A class period will be devoted to developing and carrying out the experimental part of the final project. It should culminate in enough data to produce a poster and a laboratory report.
    In addition a detailed set of directions should be prepared and handed in as homework at the following class period. Make these directions detailed enough so that another group could carry out the investigation from launch to poster.
  4. A poster and a laboratory report for the final project will be due on the day of the final exam.

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